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About Natural Perfume

Natural Botanical Perfumery is the lost art and science of creating perfumes using natural essences only. These are essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extractions, concretes, tinctures, infusions and extracts that come from natural sources – not from petroleum, nor phthalates. These essences come from organic life forms such as plants - flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, bark and fruit and occasionally animal derived ingredients such as beeswax, honey absolute and beach harvested ambergris tincture.

My perfumes are an aromatic oil blend made by way of oil infusion which is the blending of essential oils, absolutes, teas, resins and extracts in quality carrier oils of grape seed, jojoba and vegetable oils with an addition of ground herbs and organic dried fruits.

Very different is natural perfumery from perfumes made with fragrances or synthetic oils or what you will find at a headache-inducing commercial perfume counter. If you are normally "allergic" to perfume, you are likely reacting to the harsh and unknown chemicals that are hidden inside fragrances. Pure and natural botanical perfumes are much safer, more pleasing to the senses, and have gentle healing properties (aromatherapy) that your mind and body will enjoy.

These perfumes also do not contain chemicals to make them last all day, as synthetics do. So in wearing natural perfume you simply need an occasional top-up sometime during your day or evening to maintain your unique aromatic signature. Each recipe is so very unique and mysterious in its evolution of scent. There truly is an essence of nature and energy to be discovered when wearing natural perfume; they are not just cloned notes and never one dimensional. Scents will be different on each individual’s skin because the scent evolves over time with individual body chemistry and tends to fade gently staying close to the skin, gradually revealing the beautiful layers of each aromatic essence.