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Salem Vendor Fair 2014

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (4)
This past weekend I participated in a small local vendor fair in Salem Va. taking only a few MGA scents to sell. This was the first time to share my products out locally after having made them for many years. I had never done this before so I did not know what to expect but was most curios to try it. This was not a very big event and there was not much in the way of visitors to the site. I think that had to do with the overcast and looming rain cloud over head all day, but it was  a fair turn out of people , and I  am so glad to have had my beautiful daughter Victoria (who never misses a photo opportunity) there to help me out with set up and packaging.  :)
 It was great to meet many fabulous and interesting people who were not aware of what natural perfumes were and so my day was spent talking to and educating those interested about them and the process. This  was quite wonderful spreading  the word  and I got to hear people's testimonies on using synthetic commercial perfumes , the rashes and irritations , headaches and nausea they experienced  after using them . Though there were some visitors to my booth who did not understand the whole concept and looked at me and my display strangely or just walked on, it was most of the other visitors however that came in  that never knew of the unknown harsh chemicals in commercial perfumes and  were amazed at how that could affect their bodies so much . They just thought the scent was to strong and avoided perfume altogether and it was wonderful to enlighten them and introduce them to the natural perfume realm  with products they could actually enjoy wearing  without the bad experience.
So rewarding to see the perfume shunners and sceptics hesitantly pick up the glass bells and  then suddenly begin to deeply inhale my scents over and over and every time smiling  or saying   " I loooove this one" or “wow, not what I expected at all”.  I found it very interesting that when I asked what type of  scent they enjoyed most responded with a very quick “I do not like rose and jasmine or any floral” but when they sampled  both “Flamenco” and “Black Velvet” they immediately were drawn to them and ended up purchasing those . I then told them afterward the infusion ingredient in those two and they were very surprised to hear that jasmine and rose were prominent notes in both for they had never had the pleasure of smelling true natural jasmine or rose notes before. Same for Patchouli….ha… NO ONE liked patchouli in a perfume but sampled “Into the Woods” and they changed their mind .

Overall what I did not make in sales I made up in a lot of local exposure and sharing with people what natural perfumes are all about ; which was exactly what I was hoping for and why I agreed to do this event. Many folks took cards to go online and read through all the scent descriptions at their leisure or wait for the  Fall scents as some asked for Fall like scents which I had  none of :(

 I also had a few invitations to other local vendor events which I was so very flattered with to be noticed and invited. What I did find  even though   this was a good exposure, I realized sadly that I believe these fair and shows are not really for me. Perhaps the setting was all wrong for my type of products and need a different type vendor venue.  I felt I had to really push my products to interest people a bit too much which is exhausting to do over and over all day. None the less I channeled my inner gypsy and embraced my heritage and  began to work the sales pitch inviting people in to my tent; which by the way was complete with a small crystal ball, black lace shawl display on the table and candelabra with black candles...of  course !
I do think after all this that online commerce is the way for me ,being much easier to manage and not so time consuming for preparation .  I may change my mind later if the right opportunity presents itself ...maybe. For now I am quite content working my scented gypsy magick the way I do, but am so very grateful to have had the opportunity . It was a unique  experience, and I am proud that I ventured to try something new   :)