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Changes and Preparations

Posted on July 12, 2013 at 10:29 AM Comments comments (98)
So  only three months to go and I have been busy making plans and changes for the business to accommodate the arrival of the new baby …which by the way is another little girl we found out :)
   First off my hours  of work will have to change from 3:30 am - 6:00am before I go to my full time job until 4:30 pm as I know little one will be awake at those times for feeding. With that  I foresee having to work at night instead to fill my orders becoming once again the “Midnight Gypsy” I used to be!    Just a few changes will need to happen, and I promise they will be temporary until I can get a routine of three children, running MGA and a full time job down to where I am not pulling my hair out.
Starting in October 11th, 2013  thru the end of January, 2014  to make things easier on myself and fill orders as quickly as I can  MGA will temporarily become a “Perfumery” in which only perfume oils, samples and solid perfumes in all scents will be sold on the website and on Etsy. Because it  takes much longer to process  all other made to order products I offer  and  keep stock of supplies all bath and body products such as soaps, lotions , salts,  powders  and candles will  not be available  for sale  until after January.  
With my due date being the first week in November and usually my children are born two weeks early, I must plan accordingly. So to let you know do  expect MGA to be  closed probably for a week  around the end of  October /first week of November but I will post more definite dates as delivery time nears . After that I will reopen with the selections of perfume products only. I hate to have to cut out right around the holiday season and make selections slim for shopping especially around this time but I do not want to take on too much and not be able to handle the volume as it does get crazy around this time of year.
Please know though that I will have a small amount of supplies for all bath and body items on hand and if you need any product during that time other than perfume just contact me and I will be happy to make a special request order for you....little requests I can handle :)   I will be making gift boxes and perfume collection sets  and yes Fall scents will be  out too come September. A holiday special coupon will be running that month too for those who want to get in some early holiday gift shopping for the bath and body products that will be leaving.
 Thank you so much for being so wonderful and understanding about this as life changes for me and I make room for another little bundle of joy!  Hoping one of my children will take an interest in what I do and  become  my apprentice ..  perhaps it will be number three ;)   
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Midsummer Lights

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (105)
 "Midsummer Lights” a scent to celebrate the time of year when trees are crowned with leaves, orchards are ripe with fruit and woodland foliage is thick and lush. It’s the urge to frolic through the woods as twilight falls and cools the air. Soon  we gaze upon the heavenly  sight of stars and faint lights that begin to appear off in the distance together with rows of well- lit houses from town .The unknown dancing lights in the trees that awaken the imagination as to whether it be simply fireflies  calling to each other or the lights of dancing fae calling you. 
  Intrigue and wonder make up this scent that opens up with a rich honey and citrus aroma with apple like notes from a blend of roman chamomile, blood orange and amber with a deep and slightly spiced wooded dry down of benzoin, tarragon and frankincense. A harmonious scent for summer perfect for your next summer evening frolic.
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In Dreams

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 1:36 PM Comments comments (96)
In my dreams I always fly. I fly to many places and see many things, some strange and curious, some surprising and wondrous. I journey through  realms of mountains and forests, over gardens and fields and places I have never seen before but will somehow one day when déjà vu sets in . But of all the places my sleeping mind takes me  I always seem to go back to my childhood home on the gulf coast and do so often. There I sit in the old live oak tree in front of our house careful not to be seen and watch imprinted memories of my family move about like  watching an old home video. I take everything in deeply, the sight the sounds, the scents, that nostalgic and familiar feeling of “this is where you came from, this is who you are”. When I wake I am surrounded with such comfort and sense of renewal that will last  for days.
  I do love these dreams so, and it is with that  “En Sueños”  the spanish  meaning  for "In Dreams "came to be as a perfume .  It evolved from the hopes of creating a scent that would stir up a dream like state and sense of nostalgia from perhaps the many places one has traveled in dreams or real life. A scented ethereal journey taking you on a flight  though rose gardens, past wild blooming flowers on the vine, orchards ripe with fruit, lavender fields, and walks through forests full of trees, finally resting on the damp ground of leaves kissed by the morning dew. 
"Close your eyes and make a wish and slowly spread your wings, take flight and soar among the clouds to realms only seen in dreams"
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Oh My, What A Suprise!

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 11:04 AM Comments comments (8)
I’m here, I’m here!  Came back from vacation (which was wonderful by the way) and hit the ground running with so much to do and plan for!  Finishing up the photos of the two new early summers scents to be out by next week..yay!  I say early summer because there are plans for two more scents to be released later in summer :)   Also there will be a slight change in label design for my products which you will see starting next week which helps with printing and ink usage. That means yes once again I am re-shooting all my product pictures... fun stuff indeed as MGA is always evolving in branding !  In the middle of all this a few recent surprises from Mother Nature thrown in,one was this beautiful lilac bush I discovered on the side of my house.  We moved in last  August  and  never knew what this bush was,  just thought that it was a wild bush ..…so glad we did not cut it down ! I have always wanted a lilac bush and now without even knowing it was there all along and surprise I got one! Could this be the start of a new scent inspiration? Perhaps so, we shall see as yes I have a few plans for those blooms that's for sure. The other recent surprise I will reveal completely at a later date and some may figure this out before hand by reading this but for now I will just say that it will affect the setup and product offerings of MGA especially for the holidays but assure you that it is only temporary. I promise to give more details as plans completely come together, still in a bit of a whirlwind myself ;)
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Ode to Black Velvet

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 3:42 PM Comments comments (2)
I have a love for things ornately made in rich and dark colors and have had a weakness for brocade, damask patterns and velvet fabrics ever since I can remember.  I jump for gypsy joy when I find house décor, pillows and table cloths or any article of clothing in these fabrics. Whether I need it or not I will always find a place to put it at home or wear eventually. As a teenager I expressed my love for velvet in my fashion and being that I was very much into music and the theatre I always went for the dramatic fashion statement in High School.   I do seem to remember though quite well that South Texas heat and humidity did not mix with thick velvet blouses or skirts, done up with dark overly done eye makeup…ahhh youth, live and learn. Well nothing has  changed except I have better makeup tips and live in an area of the country that for about 7-8 months out of the year I can enjoy my luxurious rich fabrics.  I am fond of velvet in all colors but black I simply go week in the knees I adore it so calls to my inner gypsy ;)  So it was out of my adoration that the evolution and inspiration for a new perfume called "Black Velvet" came to be.  A fragrance capturing what to me is the richness, darkness and sultry look and feel of black velvet. It is how one feels when wearing it, running your hand over its soft texture and how when one looks out onto a moonless night how the vast and dark black sky is endless, serene, comforting and yet beholds an unknown mystery to it that wraps itself around you.  This rich scent starts of with a deep floral note in champa flower and jasmine that gives way into a slightly sweet yet seductive aroma of cocoa, black tea and labdanum which lends a vanilla like scent ,eventually evolving into dark antiquated musk and wood scent of vetiver, ambrette seed, black pepper and clove.  A unique and complex scent indeed and I quickly grew fond of it  .Though not quite sure if it is my  “signature scent “ as I have yet to make many more perfume blends to find this I suppose. I have been told by many that is has quickly become their signature scent which is always so wonderful to hear! Oh the magic of Black Velvet ;)  
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The Scents of Winter

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)
With the Winter Season close at hand and holidays just around the corner I thought I would get  a head start and release the Winter perfumes so that gift shopping early for these can begin.   Re-released are last year’s winter scents of "The Owl Moonand Winter Gypsy which Winter Gypsy after December will become a permanent scent among the MGA perfumes (much to the delight of many).  A new perfume creation has just been listed here and on the Etsy shop, I introduce
" Into the Woods" to you.This scent is for those who enjoy the outdoors the smell of nature. It is like that of  fresh turned earth,  the forest trees and  leaves,  the scent of the air right before the rain  mixed with a slight smokey incense smell of  burning wood embers like that from a campfire; a very mystic and ancient aroma . It was truly a very different creative scent path for me which came as a result of discovering a plant called creosote. I had a customer ask for a custom perfume and it was her request for me to use this in it as she said it reminded her of the desert and of her home which she missed so very much. I was excited to find it so this plant in dried herb form so easily and quickly fell in love with it. The only way to explain this is to say I found a plant that smells like rain.  This plant grows in the desert areas in the US from California, Arizona, New Mexico and on into Texas. I grew up in Texas and had seen this plant all my life but never knew what it was called or that it even smelled as wonderful and aromatic as it did…so sad I missed out all those years:(  Oh but  found it now and will have such  fun testing and making  new perfume oils  in the future! I must find a live plant to grow at home :) Oh and speaking of new perfumes... "Into the Woods" will not be  the only new perfume to be released before  winter,  I have created yet another scent  to be added in the next few weeks that will make up four scents for winter  that will make gift sets and sample boxes to match .  Look for those soon as well  :)
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Night Of the Spirits

Posted on September 14, 2012 at 3:08 PM Comments comments (4)
There is a new addition to the Fall scents for this year, "Night Of the Spirits" is now added to the site.  I wanted to give little bit of background on  the creation of this scent .It is of course an inspiration from my favorite time of year, an ode to All Hallows Eve  but it is a bit more for me.  This scent is a curious one that evolves in many layers and to me is neither a feminine scent nor masculine.It is more of a nostalgic capturing of a time and place of my own child hood Halloween memories. Some may be able to connect with it better than others but I wanted to explain what this one is all about.  I tried to capture the scents from my youth on Halloween nights and in scent notes of this order starting when  one would walk through the neighborhood from house to house in search of treats. There was the coolness of the night, the dampness of the ground and leaves and the smell of smoke from a bon fire in the distance. It is also the mood of mystery that anything could happen around the corner and what you might see in the moonlight.   Then it’s the scent of coming home and opening your bag of sweets and running your fingers through the mounds of candy  releasing  the sweet smell of licorice,  apples, bubble gum and chocolate all mixed together . It ends with while searching though your loot  in the background there is the scent  of coffee brewing in  the kitchen that my  parents would drink  to stay up with us to sort our  candy , watch spooky shows on TV and light candles in memory of  those who have passed.  This scent took longer too make  but in the end
 I think it  turned out just right .So there you have it, I do hope you will enjoy this and take from it the nostalgic essence that I have tried to recapture in this scent .~Nina
kitchen that my  parents would drink  to stay up with us to sort our  candy ,
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Fall is in the air

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (215)
 Though the leaves have not turned  yet and the pumpkins are still not out at the markets, there still is a crisp sense of Fall in the morning air here in Virgina  that makes me long for everything  the season has to offer and excited to decorate and cook  for Fall and make plans for Halloween. I baked chocolate pumpkin muffins this weekend  twice and  soup for dinner 3 nights in an row and my search for Fall recipes and decor on Pinterest have become an obsession. Yes, I have fallen into the Pinterest trap and for those who would like to follow me  here is my profile. I must warn you  though most of my pinning  maybe a bit boring and mainly of food and house decor as I love to cook  and  decorate the house. Oh and now with  recently buying a new house it is even worse.  Let's just say my decorating habit is so bad that our already freshly painted kitchen will now be painted again because I  after all did not really bond with the color I originally chose...ideas, ideas.  But moving back to Fall things, I have been able to prepare for the season in the studio which is a good thing . I am packaging all  orders now in Fall  colored ribbon and paper which adds a nice touch  and will help you celebrate the season with me when you open your package :)  I  re-released  last years Fall scents of "Autumn Embers" and  "Season of the Witch" now available  here and on the Etsy shop .  These are seasonal  but after November "Season of the Witch" will be a permanent perfume scent in MGA's line. Also added is a gift box for Fall of 5 sample perfume oils that  for me invoke the scents of the season, and  there will be one  new scent for Fall scheduled to be out the first week in September. 
I'm calling this one "Night of the Spirits " centered around the sweet black licorice scent of Star Anise and blends of berry, clove, ambrette seed and other mysterious  oils..then onto the Winter blends ! My, where has the year gone ?   But oh so excited and looking forward to the change of season and Halloween. Can you tell it's my favorite time of year ?!     
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