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Midsummer Lights

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 10:53 AM
 "Midsummer Lights” a scent to celebrate the time of year when trees are crowned with leaves, orchards are ripe with fruit and woodland foliage is thick and lush. It’s the urge to frolic through the woods as twilight falls and cools the air. Soon  we gaze upon the heavenly  sight of stars and faint lights that begin to appear off in the distance together with rows of well- lit houses from town .The unknown dancing lights in the trees that awaken the imagination as to whether it be simply fireflies  calling to each other or the lights of dancing fae calling you. 
  Intrigue and wonder make up this scent that opens up with a rich honey and citrus aroma with apple like notes from a blend of roman chamomile, blood orange and amber with a deep and slightly spiced wooded dry down of benzoin, tarragon and frankincense. A harmonious scent for summer perfect for your next summer evening frolic.

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