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"Let fire be my spirit"

FUEGO is the Spanish word for fire, and created is a scent blend that gives ode to the burning fire of hearth and home, warm candlelight, and bonfires in the fall . It also invokes and celebrates the alchemy element of Fire, representing energy , the realm of and sexuality and passion, purification change and healing . It is associated with the direction South , the color red and the season of Summer .

Made by way of oil infusion which is the blending of herbs,fruits,resins, extracts and absolutes in quality oils of grape seed, jojoba and vegetable oils with an addition of essential oils and packaged on a hand made card label.

Scented oil blends and botanical infusions of Saffron- Clove- Peru Balsam-Hay- Myrrh-Dragon's Blood- Cinnamon- Frankincense

Choose from a 4ml (1 dram) bottle, a 1/3 oz. roll on bottle or a sample vial.

Fuego Roll on Bottle, 1/3 oz bottle

Fuego 4ml (1Dram ), 4ml (1Dram ) bottle

Fuego Sample Vial, glass vial 1/32 .0z