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This is a perfect travel tin candle to take with you from room to room, while curling up with a favorite book, relax in a warm bath or simply to light anytime and release the gypsy ambiance and alchemy magic that is captured within. A naturally scented alchemy creation offered in a unique perfume soy candle that comes in a 4 oz. black travel tin, with hand made card and label.


All candles are handmade in small batches and hand poured at the time you order to ensure quality and freshness. These are natural candle creations that are dye free, made with 100% pure quality soy wax, cotton wicks and scented with Midnight Gypsy Alchemy’s unique signature candle perfume oils. Perfume oils made by way of infusion using natural essential oils, absolutes and resins only, no artificial synthetic fragrances .

These perfume candles have a soft aromatic scent throw meant to scent a small room or personal space around you, with a burn time of approximately 15-20 hours if burned a few hours at a time. 

Please always remember:

Burn only on a stable heat resistant surface. Keep away from drafts. Do not touch or move candle while burning, wax is very hot. Never leave a candle burning unattended. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets and other flammable items.

For optimum performance of soy candles, please store in a cool area out of sunlight with the lid on. Travel tin container can be cleaned and reused for other purposes.




Surrounded by magick and the light of an "Evening Flame"

Natural note composition of Tobacco Absolute /Labdanum Absolute/ Essential oils - Vetiver/Myrrh/ Chamomile/Cinnamon Leaf




Take a walk among the "Garden of Stars"

Natural note composition of Bulgarian Rose absolute/ Green Tea absolute / Essential oils in -Rose Geranium /Cedarwood/ Black Pepper/Grapefruit / Carrot Seed.




Cleanse the spirit by sacred "Sage and Moon "

Natural note composition of Violet Leaf absolute/ Essential oils - Clary Sage/ Ylang Ylang/Lavender/ Lemongrass/Thyme


Evening Flame Perfume Candle Evening Flame 4 oz candle tin
Garden Of Stars Perfume Candle Garden Of Stars 4.oz candle tin
Sage and Moon Perfume Candle Sage and Moon 4oz candle tin