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Solid Perfume


Created for you are solid perfume lockets that serves as trinkets of scent and mystic nostalgia, with an added touch of gypsy magic. They can be used as a lovely everyday accessories or can be carried with you like a talisman or amulet just like the days of old when many believed such things as this would possess magickal powers;bringing the wearer good luck and fortune.

These are antique style silver tone lockets with your choice of a black and ivory Rose or Owl cameo setting or black and white moth and flowers cameo on top, each piece measures 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide(40mmx33mm) .

Inside the locket is a space to add what you wish ,perhaps a picture of your loved one or good luck herb. The other side is filled with 3 grams of natural solid perfume made of soy wax,grapeseed oil and cocoa butter infused with your choice of Midnight Gypsy Alchemy's signature scents made of quality essential oils,absolutes, resins,herbs, florals, teas and extracts.

They are adorned with black ribbon to be worn as a necklace but can be removed to be used with your own chain if so desired.

Lockets come packaged in a small black gift box with description card of your scent choice,tied up with a ribbon ...perfect for gift giving .

Very little goes a long way and to wear, simply rub your fingers into the wax and apply a small amount to pulse points and neck and allow to set on skin for few a seconds before gently rubbing to absorb into the skin .Perhaps use this to

scent letters with your favorite MGA signature scent a well .

Rose Cameo Perfume Locket, gift box -choose scent
Owl Cameo Perfume Locket, gift box -choose scent
Moth Cameo Perfume Locket, gift box -choose scent