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Nina's products are not only a gift for the senses and soul, they truly pamper the spirit luxuriously. I love how the lotions and perfumes all mix harmoniously creating a soothing aroma. By ends day, I feel so at peace...~ Paula

I am so pleased with these perfume samples! So unique and beautifully presented. Such lovely, original fragrances! I'm so impressed that I have purchased more already! I would highly recommend them to all my family and friends :-) Sample vial Set~ Caroline

As always, impeccable, ethereal and beautiful fragrances! I'm not a high maintenance person, but I am when it comes to fragrance! Midnight Gypsy Alchemy is among my very short list of must haves! Sample Vials Set~Theresa

This is a lovely dark scent... I think it suits me for all year, but then again, every day is Halloween! I love the packaging and wonderful imagery as well. A great witchy scent! Season of the Witch ~Elizabeth

Gorgeous scent. Like a fine floral tea, yet somehow more complex. Love it. Great seller, I highly recommend! The Reading of Leaves- Peace and Love

his is absorbed in a matter of seconds, with no greasy residue at all. And it makes my skin so soft! The scent lingers, but isn't obtrusive, I love this. MGA BOdy creme~ Kellix

Amazing scent... So many different notes to the point that this perfume almost changes constantly throughout the day - in a good way! Lovely deep warm smells with fruity flowery smells. I love this. En Suenos ~Hailey

A lovely winter favorite- Black Velvet smells of vintage nostalgia, entirely mysterious, dark black velvet- but the good quality kind of velvet with plush texture that can only be found deep amongst the hidden treasures of a vintage shop. I just adore it, one of my favorites- please never stop making it! It has both a softness and warmth with the jasmine and labdanum, worn with time, and darkness with some sexy edginess thanks to the spices, cocoa and vetiver... a combination that is fascinating and quite addictive, to have all those facets in one perfume. It is complex and lush to the senses, exactly like black velvet! Needless to say, if black velvet is your fabric of choice, I know you will love this scent as much as I do. Black Velvet Perfume Oil -Lindsay

Love this scent so much! I have tried many, many different natural perfumes and I am so in love with the sweet sultriness of Alma Gitana Gypsy. Thank you so much for the aroma. I look forward to coming back for this in the lotion. Alma Gitana Rollon - Sarah