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"Of ancient spirit strong and free, no boundaries are within me. Endless love and dreams I hold, if you look inside my gypsy soul "

A complex fragrance that embodies the gypsy spirit in a daring and bold scent of ancient resins, dark fruit and exotic florals with notes of tobacco smoke. Created with jasmine , tobacco and vanilla absolutes, plum extract, essential oils of bergamot, cinnamon, patchouli, black pepper, and tuberose with resins of myrrh and amber infused with plum fruit, cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, tobacco and patchouli leaves.



"Come lay beneath my shaded leaves as the sun is setting in sky, listen as the wind tells the story of many ancient days gone by."

A mystic green yet powdery sweet scent that captures the magical and mythical element of the ancient oak . A blend made with oak moss and Balsam Peru resin ,vanilla absolute , infused with fig fruit extract, real figs, green tea leaves and vanilla beans.



" A flower of beauty and wonder to behold, as it blossoms and blooms its timeless magic does unfold.”

A scent of antiquated romance captured in a simple two note fragrance made of exotic rose absolute , infused in amber resin and rose petals .



"She drifts off to sleep and under moonlight she lies, cloaked only in blankets of black velvet sky ."

Dark and sweet seductive scent of mystic resins and florals uniquely blended with black tea, dark cocoa and subtle notes of woodland magick. A blend created with cocoa, labdanum, jasmine and champa flower absolutes, essential oils in vetiver, amyris, black pepper, clove, ambrette seed, black tea extract infused in black tea leaves, ground pepper corns and dark cocoa powder.



"A strong drink of dark morning brew to awaken the mind and stir the gypsy soul."

Divine chocolate alchemy at its finest. Made with the natural chocolate scent of pure cocoa absolute, cocoa butter, essential oils in cardamom, sandalwood and vanilla, infused with cardamom seed and a touch of hand ground coffee . A scent so indulgent and rich one cannot help but to submit to the enticing aroma.



"Wind and sea, sand and shore waves that are never ending, across the miles of salty air may you feel the love that I am sending."

Capturing the essence and magick of the sea this blend of Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Oak Moss and Sandalwood essential oils are delicately infused with White Tea and a touch of Lime to bring a fresh and sweet aquatic scent that will awaken the

Sea Gypsy spirit within.



" From these wild roots I shall grow. With feet firmly planted I shall twist my way through life's darkness until I reach the light of the heavenly sky."

A dark foliage and fig scent touched by earthen mushrooms, spirited herbal mint and light musk like powders. A blend created with mushroom, tonka bean, vanilla, oakmoss absolutes, orris root and agar wood co2's,fig fruit extract, myrrh resin ,essential oils of peppermint, ambrette seed, cedarwood, amyris, infused in ground organic figs, mushrooms ,tonka beans, vanilla beans, mint leaves and cedar wood.


En Sueños ™-

"Close your eyes and make a wish and slowly spread your wings, take flight and soar among the clouds to realms only seen in dreams."

En Sueños is Spanish for " in dreams" .An ethereal scent of many layers that reveals light and dreamy fruit and floral blend with hints of delicate wood and earth under tones. Created with rose, jasmine absolute, essential oils of grapefruit, lavender, ylang ylang, ambrette, black pepper, a touch of patchouli infused in lavender buds, ground black peppercorn, patchouli leaves and grapefruit peels.



"In Flamenco music and dance it shall forever be, where the spirit of the gypsy remains wild and free."

Sensual and bold, yet soft and feminine. A unique and dark blend of creme floral notes made with jasmine, vanilla and rose absolutes, essential oils in sandalwood and sweet orange, benzoin and amber resins infused with vanilla beans, and orange peels .



“And so with sweet nectar and pollen gathered by bees, an essence is transformed into gold alchemy."

A scented tribute to the wild honey bees in spring and their alchemical creation of golden honey stored carefully in elaborate hives hidden among the orange trees wooded branches and fragrant blossom . Created with beeswax, immortelle, jasmine and tobacco absolutes, agarwood and ambrette seed CO2, essential oils in carrot seed, French lavender, orange blossom, German chamomile, grapefruit, black pepper, amyris and cedarwood. Infused in orange peels, grapefruit peels, lavender buds, tobacco leaves,

black peppercorns and cedarwood chips.



" Into the woods filled with sweet night air, follow me for ancient magic awaits us there. "

A scent to capture the mystical aroma of the woods with a sweet smell of earth, and trees filled with the magic of night air. This perfume blend was carefully created with labdanum and benzoin resin, vanilla absolute, essential oils in creosote, frankincense, patchouli, cypress, and cedar wood, gently infused in patchouli leaves, frankincense resin, creosote leaves and vanilla beans.



“When one seeks the hand of fortune it may not always be revealed, for she will await life's perfect moment to send blessings she concealed.”

A scent that presents alluring and mysterious notes of sweet apricot isolate, grapefruit , osmanthus, hay and vanilla absolutes, blended with rich and smooth notes of orris, vetiver and amyris.



There are stories told she sold her soul, now as half woman half owl she lives.

You will know she is near for in the night trees you will hear the diabolical laugh and whistle she gives."

A dark, resinous and antiquated wooded scent made as tribute to Spanish folklore and myth. Created with essential oils of thyme, opopanax, styrax, myrrh, amyris frankincense, black pepper, labdanum absolute, ambrette CO2 infused in resins of pinon, amber, myrrh, opopanax, styrax, thyme herbs and black peppercorns.



"Oh carry me wind where ever you blow, to far away places I wish to go."

A perfume ode to springtime, new beginnings, change and butterflies in the meadow. A blend of delicate florals, a hint of green grass and sweet nectar. A beautiful blend of blue lotus and vanilla absolute, labdanum resin ,essential oils in basil and grapefruit infused with grapefruit peels, basil leaves, vanilla beans and blue lotus petals. An aroma created to have your heart take flight on wings of spring time bliss.



“Her beauty was that of a million sweet dreams, her eyes filled with stardust and her hair full of moonbeams.”

Scented beauty made of elegant rose de mai, helichrysum, jasmine sambac, fruited deep purple notes of black currant and raspberry isolate blended with green tea absolute and dark primal notes of notes of black cumin, myrrh, benzoin and amber resin. .



"Her words like honeysuckles perfume the night air, with moonlit conversations and sweet blooms in her hair."

Madreselva, the Spanish for honeysuckle is a celebration of scent to capture the gentle and yet wild scent of sweet honeysuckles on the vine. Created with jasmine sambac absolute, violet leaf absolute, beeswax absolute, honeysuckle enfluerage, ylang ylang, amyris, juniper berry, myrrh essential oils, infused honeysuckle flowers, juniper berries

and myrrh resins.



" Under the light of the full moon one may see the a distant campfire glowing among the forest trees, as the shadow of the dancing gypsy plays about."

A mysterious floral, lime aroma with a powdery undertone fragrance made with essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, lime ,jasmine, vanilla and lavender , infused with lime peels, lavender buds, jasmine petals and ground coconut. A magick potion so indulgent that you too will want to invoke the moon and dance within its magick light.



"The midnight hour will lend its hand as the hourglass drops its grains of sand. All the while there alchemy brews, in search of that eternal youth ."

A dark resin alchemy blend created from dragons blood and amber resin,essential oils in patchouli,lemon,orange,a touch of cassia spice,rosemary and almond extract, infused with patchouli leaves, rosemary herb , orange peels and elderberries .

A scented potion that will give transformation to the mind and soul leaving you spellbound.



“Fly away little wings toward the moonlight, thru the shadows of trees and darkness of night.”

Soft and pure as wings on the night air with wisped notes of violet leaf and blue lotus absolutes, juniper leaf, black pepper, blended with natural musk notes of ambrette seed and sandalwood.



"When the darkness of dusk softly deepens the grass to fields of velvety green,

there she will sit enchanted in thoughts until the stars of the night are seen."

The fall of darkness upon springs green foliage at the end of the day have been uniquely interpreted in this green and serene blend. Created with rosemary, yuzu, pink grapefruit, blood orange, balsam of Peru, amyris, German chamomile essential oils, mushroom and hay absolute, natural apple isolate infused in rosemary, orange, apple, grapefruit peels and chamomile flowers.



It is not the end but the beginning of new, a rebirth with new eyes to better see the light within you ."

A fragrance created in honor of my 40th birthday that is a celebration of the cycle of life with selected scents that capture the essence of time, memories, nature and love only found within a gypsy's heart.

This is a blend of thyme, lavender, creosote, peach accord, peach and apricot fruit extracts, narcissus, orris, osmanthus absolutes, orange blossom, orris, cedarwood, labdanum, infused in creosote leaves, orange peels, peach fruit, thyme herbs and lavender.



"I walk with pride and graceful beauty upon life's chosen path, with a gypsy crown upon my head and sight of stars within my grasp."

A regal and mysterious fragrance that embodies the beauty of the peacock with a sweet yet confident and sultry essence. A blend created with natural strawberry extract, jasmine, honeysuckle infusion, rose ,orris root absolutes, essential oils in orange blossom ,vetiver, patchouli, bergamot, clove and coriander , delicately infused with real strawberry fruit, patchouli leaves, orange peels and rose petals.



"A spell to change form by the summer's full moon light, pluck a feather from the raven to become one with the night".

Captured is a bit of raven mystery in a special blend of dark violet floral spice and berries with essential oils of sensual sweet sandalwood, cassia, frankincense and orris root ,violet leaf absolute, infused with blackberry fruit extract, dragons blood resin, orris root ,real blueberries and apples. A complex potion sure to transform your mind as if it were an aromatic spell cast upon you.



"When the magick of turning leaves and darkness begins, it it time to celebrate the witch that's within ."

A dark spiced potion with wooded notes that give way to a haunting incense fragrance. A special blend in honor of the season and the witch in all of us.

Created with coriander, rose, cinnamon, lavender, frankincense, patchouli and black pepper essential oils, infused with golden amber resin, apples, patchouli leaves, pepper corns, rose petals and lavender buds.



"Untamed like the wind and wild like the sea, for the ancient flames of gypsy blood burn within me.”

A rich and uninhibited fragrance of ancient resins, light florals and herbs blended with sultry spice and hints of sweet red fruit. Created with dragon’s blood and amber resins, vanilla bourbon co2, champa flower, elderberry rose de mai absolutes, cinnamon leaf, sage sandalwood, clove essential oils, strawberry extract infused in clove buds, dried strawberries, cinnamon sticks, elderberry and vanilla beans.



"At the end of a long journeys day , under a summers moon is where she will lay. Wrapped in a blanket of twilight and stars as the sweet smell of wild flowers drifts in from afar."

A fragrance to relax and unwind to in a special blend of floral, and earthy fruit mix in essential oils of ylang ylang, anise, sandalwood, honeysuckle absolute, infused with amber resin, pineapple, coconut, tarragon leaves an aroma sure to enchant and take you away from the cares of the day.



"To be kissed by the Mystic Sun and invoke its warm golden light, gives illumination to the soul and darkened eyes an enlightened sight."

A scented creation that gives ode to luscious lemons and the magick of the summer sun with a blend of Bulgarian rose, blue lotus, black currant and narcissus absolutes, essential oil in elemi, French lavender, lemongrass, amryis, carrot seed, black pepper, Balsam of Peru, ambrette seed CO2, infused in dried organic lemon peels, lavender buds and rose petals.



The wise owl gazes across a winter night sky, with the twinkling magick of stars and the silver moon up high."

A fragrance to invoke a bit of owl and moon magick in a wooded earth scent with hints of smoky vanilla undertones.

Created with cedar wood , clary sage, hint of lavender, ylang ylang, benzoin essential oils delicately infused with vanilla absolute ,amber resin, vanilla beans, cedar wood flakes

and lavender buds.



" The last drink of warm tea by glowing candle light, brings the reading of leaves and my future in site. "

A comforting citrus blend that captures the essence of tea time and spirit of tasseography . Created with green tea and orris root, absolutes, essential oils of orange blossom, lime ,black pepper bergamot, tonka and amyris infused in green tea leaves, orange peels and tonka bean.



" The morning breeze gently whispers such sweet memories of you, as I sit and watch the golden sunlight awaken the divine violets in bloom. "

A serene, floral scented essence inspired by the illusive violet flower and vintage violet perfumes of days gone by. Created with violet leaf and jasmine sambac absolutes, ambrette seed CO2, essential oils in black currant, carrot seed, guaiacwood, cedarwood, ylang ylang, Hawaiian sandalwood, amyris, myrrh, and tonka bean. Infused in cedarwood chips, myrrh resins, tonka bean pods and jasmine flower petals.



"A gypsy in winter walks the forests in snow, recalling her memories as the north wind does blow. "

The essence of winter snow and scents of the season in a forest inspired scent with warm spiced notes blended with memories of winters past . A fragrance of essential oils in juniper, bergamot, clove, cinnamon and cocoa absolute, infused with pear fruit, extract juniper berries , clove buds and real pear fruit.