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To celebrate the start of the winter season Midnight Gypsy Alchemy presents a seasonal winter perfume scent !

Now available in all products or in a sample perfume vial set below!

Through the darkened season and wintry snow, with berries of red her green magick will grow."

A scent for the season of winter made with the essence of cranberry. warmly wrapped in an evergreen bouquet .

Created with pinon and myrrh resins, essential oils in cardamom, clary sage, cedarwood, juniper, black pepper, and cranberry extracts infused in, cranberries, juniper berries, cardamom seeds and peppercorns.


"The scents of the season through snow covered pines and cocoa by fireside in the winter air you will find. "

"Invierno" the Spanish word for Winter and an inspired fragrance that captures scents to be found during this beautiful of seasons made with silver fir,agarwood CO2, vanilla bourbon absolute, cocoa absolute,grapefruit, orange blossom, clary sage, cinnamon bark, sandalwood and ambrette seed CO2 infused in pine needles,copal resin, vanilla beans, sage leaves, cocao bark, and hickory wood chips.

Winter Perfume Collection Sample Vial Set

A special seasonal gift box set of 6 perfume vial oil samples which consist of perfume blends that invoke the scents of winter, the enchantment of the woods and the mysteries of a long winters night.

The scents included are Black Velvet, Holly Magick, Invierno , Into the Woods,The Owl Moon and Winter Gypsy .

A splendid way to discover your signature Winter inspired gypsy scent. Perfect as a gift for yourself or gypsy hearted a like, perhaps for a quick touch up to take with you on the go or to play mix and match creating a little winter perfume alchemy of your own .

This is a set of six 1/32. oz glass vials(1ml each) They are filled with my natural creation of perfume oil, made by way of oil infusion which is the blending of herbs, fruits,resins,extracts and absolutes in quality oils of grape seed, jojoba and vegetable oils with an addition of essential oils enhance the enchanting fragrance .

This set comes packaged in a elegant black box with a description of each of your scents printed on hand made cards labels decorated with winter inspired ribbon.

Winter Perfume Collection Sample Vial Set, Set of 6 sample vial of winter scented perfume oils in small black gift box .